Tuesday, December 05, 2006


December tends not to be the most productive of posting months here at PV Towers, but some seasonal blogging goodwill however can be found at Tis The Season, a collaborative chrimbo quango formed by two girls and two guys of varying internet repute. We'd like to think they update it while all huddled together inside a huge sweater bedecked with a festive motif, but that's enough of our little foibles.(via LMG)

If you're finding your usual blogging RSS feeds are becoming as stale as January's turkey, Fimoculous' Best Blogs of 2006 You're Probably Not Reading may provide some fresh pointers. From their suggestions, we picked up on Ballardian which views the world via an appropriately dystopian prism, and Corpus Obscura which provides obituaries on those whose importance outweighs their fame. Without this site we'd have been blissfully unaware that the guy who played the ominous tuba sequences in the Jaws theme tune has died age 71. (Fimoculous link via sore eyes.)

Talking of under-reported clog-popping we were sad to hear of the death of Graham Roope. He was the biggest name who played in the first proper cricket match your correspondent ever did see, Shropshire v Surrey in the late 70s, a dull match slightly enlivened by shouting 'Roopey!' in our newly gravelled voices whenever he came anywhere near the boundary.

Meanwhile, if you're finding yourself stumped while looking for stocking filler, might we suggest ScaryDuck's book? Or you might want to check out the teenar, 'a department store mannequin converted into a working electric guitar' which is sure to attract the attention of would-be playas everywhere.

In a whole other world of wtf?! altogether the official site to the new David Lynch opus Inland Empire has the trailer and poster newly online, leaving us salivating like a hungry virgin faced with Britney's beef curtains (NOT WORKSAFE).

Elsewhere, December WILL be magic if you check out these Amazing Illusions. One of the magic things about December is that lists spring up from almost anywhere, most interesting so far proving to be Art Brut's Eddie Argos cataloguing his favourite 10 albums of 2006 in which Luke Haines, The Research and The Hot Puppies feature, amongst others.

Still, it's useful to remember it's not all good news this time of year, as Micah Calabrese has left Giant Drag leaving Annie Hardy the perennial member. Speculation is rife as to whether she's going to replace him like-for-like with a new drummer or whether four Micahs may supply more polished end product.

Here's someone else needing some attention to his surface appearance: ladies and gents, Man Who Fell To Earth star Rip Torn... busted.

Also In The Dock: Birmingham's Musical Legacy.

Random MySpace profile: Joanna Rose, 25 an aspiring actress from Shropshire who offers a better view than the Wrekin. Sexy's back, apparently, and who are we to argue?

Still bored? Go to bed, silly, or check out the first signs of new Charlotte Hatherley material.

That's a wrap.


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