Saturday, November 25, 2006

Throwaway Culture In General

Well, we're gonna do what we were gonna do tonight tomorrow night, so we're now doing tonight what we were gonna do tomorrow night - squeezing out a hefty linkdump to plump up our dwindling weekend readership figures.

First up, the Prykemeister is becoming so culturally ubiquitous that we're half expecting him to pop up somewhere in the latest Pynchon novel breaking spontaneously into song about the joys of A.I. Until then, though, we'll just have to make do with him moaning about his banana on youtube doing his bit as part of the Birmingham Complaints Choir. Think The Polyphonic Spree with angst in their cassocks and you're somewhere there.

Robert Altman 1925-2006. The only good that might come from Bob's death is that finally somebody might get round to putting the masterful Short Cuts out on R2 DVD.

Say 'ello, 'ello, 'ello, to Inspector Sands who's back blogging the beat over at Casino Avenue.

They're history as far as 679 Records are concerned, so have The Futureheads skipped to the end already?

Make your lewed and lascivious way over to The Art Of Noise where Belle & Sebastian are In The Dock.

The indie celebrity big-hitters have been saved 'til last on Simon's Songs To Learn And Sing feature with Emmy The Great making her inimitable contribution.

The film adaptation of Zoe Heller's excellent bestseller Notes On A Scandal, starring Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett, is due out in the UK in early 2007. You can download the trailer here.

'Topless women are working'. (safe for roads, and just about for work)

Courtney Love nude in Pop Magazine (decidely NOT WORKSAFE).

Random mySpace profile: Ida, 20, a Norwegian med chem student in London who declares an 'end to the Bland Age'.

Still bored? Irn Bru Haiku. Or play Glass Scrabble.


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