Monday, November 13, 2006

Get Off

And so victory was ours and Dead Kenny's reputation as the Johnny Cochrane of t'internet has already reached the ears of a certain bearded ex-dictator. But when he wanted representation for the same amount as The Art Of Noise commission, Parallax View regrets Dead Kenny had to tell him to go hang.

Ben's getting carried away with these little projects where he gets everyone else to do his work for him, witness this huge thoughtpiece on identity which inevitably filters down to a discussion on online personas. Dead Kenny was asked to contribute at which point he got cape, wore cape and flew.

Almost as long as that Right to Reply piece is the new book by Thomas Pynchon, his first since Mason and Dixon back in 1997, entitled Against The Day, all 1200+ pages of it, which is set to get bookshelves groaning from November 21. Some say Pynchon is a genius but if he'd followed the lead of Bob Dylan and released this epic in three installments he could have tripled the revenue and probably snagged himself a tie-in movie franchise. It's the economics, stupid!

At least Alan Moore knows the score, and he's copped himself a guest slot on The Simpsons, too (via LMG, always to be found with his head in the Northants News).

The Glove On The Railing has slipped away, almost as furtively as it arrived on the scene.

Heralded by much more fanfare, and set to be the theatrical talking-point of early 2007, the revival of Peter Schaffer's Equus, starring Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths, is taking bookings now. Be warned, however, it's £50 a pop for a decent view of Harry Potter waving around his little wand.

Staying on the celebrity nudity, erm, tip, what to make of this rumour that Beyonce Knowles and Eva Longoria are to star in a Sofia Coppola-directed Hollywood adaptation of Sarah Waters' Tipping The Velvet? (page contains NOT SAFE FOR WORK outgoing links). We'll believe this when we see it, and even if it does, erm, materialise, it probably sounds better in concept than it'll appear in practice.

Still hungry for more, though? Try some Raspberry Tart, fruity enough that you should refrain from consuming until after you've left work. Caution, however: may contain nuts and berets.


Blogger pilgrim said...

It's no accident that no Thomas Pynchon book, however short, has ever been filmed. They are widely considered unfilmable, although years ago on the pynchon-l mailing list, we used to have fun casting them. My own cast list for Gravity's Rainbow was well thought of, at the time, even though I picked the late Dirk Bogarde for Ned Pointsman.

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