Sunday, October 22, 2006

Parallax Jukebox

Ten tremendous tunes in lieu of original content -

1. 101 - Albert Hammond Jr
Who knew the third most famous Stroke (after Breast and Butterfly, natch) would make one of the records of the year? This standout track from 'Yours To Keep' is good enough to have held its own on 'Is This It'.
2. Des 'n' Mel - Grandscope
Daytime TV's perma-tanned perma-grinning gibbons get unlikely sonic tribute from promising Brum post-rockers.
3. New England - Tanya Donelly
Lead track from new solo album 'This Hungry Life' is country-tinged but poppy and perky enough to recall her Belly years.
4. Song For Elizabeth - The Early Years
The new Catherine Wheel? Could be. Elegiac centrepiece from their fascinating self-titled debut.
5. Naive - Lily Allen
Fetching acoustic cover of The Kooks number, originally recorded for Jo Whiley's Live Lounge, now released backing the LDN single.
6. Strange Desire - The Black Keys
The Black Keys come to terms with their inner beast in stoopid but fun manner.
7. We Dance Alone - Beck
At first the new Beck record did little more than pleasantly wash over us, but slowly but surely the tracks started to stick. Solo shimmying never sounded so seductive as on this PV favourite.
8. Broken Boy Soldier - The Raconteurs
The only track on the Raconteurs record where Jack really lets fly, and all the better for it.
9. Born To Conform - StrangeTime
First class new song from the post office punk trio. Resistance is futile!
10. The Sodom And Gomorrah Show - Pet Shop Boys
Bought the new album in HMV sale for £3.99 and a bit of a bargain. PSBs are probably a bit too long in the tooth for coming-of-age songs but when it's done with this much verve and choon, who's complaining?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which members of StrangeTime work at the Post Office? I see they've got your 'stamp' of approval.


1:37 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Ooh, you're pushing the mirth envelope there, Anon!

Confucious he say funny fella who rolls his own drum has clearly run his comedy well dry.

9:09 PM  

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