Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Things To Do In October When You're Dead

Consider putting up the three girls from Au Revoir Simone, along with their road manager, on their upcoming tour of the UK supporting We Are Scientists. You'll find the contact email info over at Fluxblog (you'll need to scroll down to the final paragraph of the post).

Write a letter to Chuck Palahniuk and be sure of a reply.

Attend the Birmingham Book Festival which runs from tonight to October 13, and features talks by Richard Dawkins, Billy Bragg and Lionel Schriver, amongst others. (via Russ L)

Stay on a bookish tip by getting acquainted with The Tart Of Fiction (safe for work?).

Consider tbc's assertion that THERE IS NOTHING ON.

Declare 'mmm...spiders!' as you listen to the sounds you never knew you wanted courtesy of the readymades, whose psychedelic comedy punkpop recalls early Ten Benson.

If still bored...gawp at Hollyoaks' Gemma Atkinson in Loaded Magazine before winter drawers on (NOT SAFE FOR WORK).


Anonymous Russ L said...

A very different version of The Readymades are doing the local rounds.

Also, a possible gauntlet has been thrown down to you, for a year from now-ish (seventh paragraph down).

7:18 AM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

'Fraid Russ that the cumulative cost of rail fares would make 14 gigs in 14 nights in Brum an exercise that would require handsome sponsorship.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Ah, the Birmingham Book Festival. Looks like a good line-up this year. You going to see Dawkins and Bragg?

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Russ L said...

That's the trouble with you Youthsoftoday, Kenrick. Always wanting something for nothing.

I'm going to see Dawkins and Walters, but sadly missing Braggy.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

And as regards the readymades replication, that's the problem with off-the-shelf bandnames, eh?

12:37 PM  
Anonymous Russ L said...

I'm gonna start a band called "The Flat-Pack Self Assemblies".

5:18 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

You seem to have a screw missing, Russ, so you'll fit right in, I reckon :-)

6:41 PM  

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