Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lesser-Spotted Finch Flies Solo

Just as post-office punk outfit StrangeTime were stamping their authority on the West Midlands gig scene, the drummer decided to literally up-sticks and travel the world this summer. Not content with merely sulking in her swivelchair and hitting 'refresh' on Parallax View, Walsall sex-siren and ST chanteuse Kate Finch decided to fill the enforced gap summer by trying out some new material in a solo acoustic setting. Low-key local gigs have been well received, but now you don't need to live in Walsall to sate your curiosity as she's uploaded four of these songs to her own MySpace page.

Dead Kenny managed to get three of the four songs to play - 'Beauty' has attracted most attention through its uncompromising lyrics, while 'Fascinated By You' most closely recalls the StrangeTime sound with some clear P J Harvey influences. My favourite of the songs, though, is 'Nothing' which allows some fine acoustic strumming the space to breathe and resonate during a delightful tune.

While Kate's assertion that acoustic music doesn't have to be wimps gets a ringing endorsement here at PV Towers, we're still cheered by the news that StrangeTime will be scaring regional hacks out of their wits once more when they return to gigging at the Actress and Bishop in Birmingham on September 23.

In the meantime, however, don't forget to check out Kate's solo stuff, be sure to say hello and tell her Dead Kenny sent ya, and remember, be friendly, or we'll send Carlos Tevez to sort you out. Mind you, she needs to sack her snapper - the pic on her profile is least flattering MySpace photo evah! Trust us, in real life she's foxier than a convention of Basil Brushes let loose on Watership Down.


Blogger Phill said...

Hi Kenny,
Just found this! Thanks! Glad you liked it. Phill took that photo so you can tell him off, I just hate all those very posed pictures that girls seem to have on Myspace, Phill took this when I wasn't looking and I quite like it! Thanks for the support, must catch up soon,

Kate x

5:23 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Hi Kate

Yes Phill can consider himself on the receiving end of a stiff Dead Kenny talking-to. He'll need more than a few free biscuits to get him off the hook this time and make no mistake.

Also Kate, while you're logged on as Phill, can you update his site for him as he's making poker widows of us all?

9:21 PM  

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