Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shove In The Afternoon

Good evening to those joining us from Arseblog in the aftermath of my beloved Hammers' hard-earned victory over the Arsenal this afternoon, which eased us out of the dropzone and puts us equal on points with next week's opponents Middlesborough. Much of the media interest is already focussing less on the tremendous result and more on the bit of afters between opposing gaffers Pardew and Wenger. In a nutsack, the latter did a bit of a Princess Pushy on Pards after he had the temerity to be rather pleased with his team scoring a last-minute winner in a local derby against arguably the best footballing side in this country, easing the club's relegation fears and possibly saving his own job in one fell swoop.

To be honest, if the Hammers boss had stood stock still and just allowed himself a quiet smile, your correspondent would likely have taken a gun* and shot him there and then for showing lack of passion for the club. As it happened, Pards' celebrations were exuberant but in the circumstances were not excessive, in our Parallax View. Wenger's reaction was ridiculously petulant but undeniably entertaining, and it has to be said if his players had showed a bit more taste for the physical aspects of the game they may well have come away from Upton Park with more than the taste of sour grapes sticking in their craw. A post-match sumo between rival gaffers would actually make better post-match entertainment than the usual Sky Sports interviews, don't you think?

So, summing up, Arsenal are comically bad losers, and West Ham raise their levels of intensity against the big boys in a way that would sweep aside lesser sides if only they could be bothered. The more things change, the more they stay the same, as one of Wenger's compatriots once said.

*relax, law enforcement dudes, Dead Kenny does not, in fact, own a gun, and even if he did he was not within firing range of Upton Park on this particular occasion. This statement was therefore made for illustrative purposes only and does not reflect any serious intent to commit a violent crime against our under-pressure gaffer, or any attempt to co-erce others in doing same.


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