Thursday, November 02, 2006


We heard a whisper at the weekend, and we've now seen it on t'internet so it must be true - StrangeTime have only gone and parted company with bass-playing beauty Tara Hartel and their estrogen levels have been left permanently imbalanced by her replacement, one Chris Maher! Unless the Chris is short for Christine, in which case we'd better rip this up and start again.

Genuinely don't know any of the surrounding details, excellent news as this allows me to speculate wildly about whether or not Tara jumped or was pushed, and whether the differences were musical, personal, sartorial or just about who was getting the most attention from Dead Kenny's column inches.

Whatever, we shall miss Tara's boisterous basslines and daring decolletage and we wish her well in her future musical endeavours, and if she ever needs a sad hack's sallow shoulders to cry on, Dead Kenny will do his manly duty (digital recorder hidden where only the truly impetuous might find). And while Kate, Tara and John will always be the definitive StrangeTime lineup in our Parallax View, we must also embrace change and give Chris a warm welcome. And who knows, if he's sufficiently hunkalicious there might be a few more women down the front at S-T gigs so everybody wins in the long run. We do like happy endings, don't you?


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