Friday, November 10, 2006

Careful Confusion Is A Thin Disguise

Look, there's no point in moaning about the lack of hot and fresh new posting product this week here on PV, Dead Kenny's been a busy boy contributing to other people's websites instead. Following on from his devilishly dervish-like defence of songs with associated dance moves, you can now find him wibbling on about a song to sing and learn over at Sweeping The Nation. To find out what song your correspondent chose and at least a few clues as to why, read the deliberations here.

Meanwhile, regular PV commenter Russ L has been 'going deaf for a fortnight' (14 gigs over fourteen nights in the manner of Pete Ashton) and it has been remiss of Dead Kenny not to point you in his weary direction before now. So we'll remember him now and link to the fitting finale - Motorhead!

Finally, some sad news, if you haven't already heard the unbelievable truth - actress/director Adrienne Shelly (kind of a low-rent Rosanna Arquette, best known for her kooky roles in a coupla Hal Hartley movies in the late 80s/early 90s) appears to have been murdered following a row over construction noise. Now THAT's bang out of order.

Off now to think of a project to get others to contribute to Parallax View for free while we get all drunk and debauched in the bacchalanian manner to which we'd love to be accustomed. Any thoughts, padrones?