Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Carrie OFF!

It seems that Paula Radcliffe has started a trend: quitting is the new carrying on, as exemplified by Carrie Smith's decision to leave the Von Bondies. Carrie took 'hours' over the decision, for which she cites emotional, professional and 'logical' reasons. Now if she said it was because of Lack Of Communication, we could have understood. Mattel or somebody clearly have a production line of Von Bondie dolls going on, as a replacement (Yasmeen Smith, nah me neither) has already been announced.

Meanwhile, Thighs Wide Shut have some preview pics of Washington blogger Jessica Cutler in Playboy (NSFW, click on the pic on link for uncensored shots). I think this entire situation merits further intern-al investigation.

My report on the weekend's Reading Festival imminent (no, really).


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