Monday, January 08, 2007

Mind The Gap

Happy New Year to all readers of Parallax View everywhere, and apologies for the unanticipated lack of transmission over the holiday period. After the junk here comes a linkdump to get the 2007 party started -

6Music listeners vote for their top 100 singles of 2006.

Beyonce Will Not Be Your Britney Spears (worksafe, goddamn it!).

Film Comment's End Of Year Critic's Poll.

'Lindsay Lohan won't teach you to fuck'. Oh c'mon, Lindsay, everyone needs a back-up career!

Largehearted Boy's favourite albums of 2006.

Simon the nation's sweeper is diversifying and now losing the dressing room as a result.

Music bigwigs give tips and predict trends for 2007.

The Guardian on novels to watch out for in 2007.

Peter Boyle in the bag. RIP, big guy.

Sexiest TV Scenes from 2006 (not safe for work). Salma Hayek!

UK music bloggers' poll of polls for Best Albums Of 2006. 7 of our Top 10 made the 50.

Twenty Major's Hangover Cure.

Still bored? Top 20 Movie Nude Scenes from 2006 (guess what? NOT SAFE FOR WORK!). More Salma Hayek!


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