Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Acid Reflux

After the festivities, following on from the linkdump, here comes the acid reflux.

It's bad bad BAD blogging behaviour to link to end-of-year lists past the twelfth day of Christmas, but seeing as we only update when we're arsed we'll squeeze out a couple more: Troubled Diva's Best Albums of 2006 and Ben's Top 10 Albums of 2006, the latter being predictably late and including more riders than a biker convention offering free booze!

The Organ's album Grab That Gun made the Parallax View Top 10 for 2005 but unfortunately they've now ground to a halt. As we kinda predicted they might in our otherwise positive review of their Little Civic gig. Best wishes to Katie Stretch and the girls in their future endeavours. (bad news borne by Simon).

Staying on the bad news vibe: No more rumours by Stevie Nixed.

Forgot to post this last week but Inspector Sands shifted his blog over to Last Bus Home from the New Year. He's giving big love to Marks & Spencer amongst other things (like Hammers fans, Charlton supporters need all the comfort eating they can get, and yes, that's our last mention of football on PV until West Ham start winning again, which hmmmyes, might not be until we bottom out into the Conference).

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the blogging universe, self-proclaimed Silver-Footed Gigslut reveals her gigslut credentials (kebab-free so safe for work)...

...Brumblog continues Pete Ashton's indefatigable endeavours to make the West Midlands blogging scene his biatch...

...while the Plepmeister is also proliferating with Memories of Florrie Morgan a diary-based blog on 'a young working class woman's life in the English West Midlands around World War I and after'.

Back in the real world(?) a man's been shot over an argument over the late James Brown's height. These sound like people Dead Kenny'd enjoy going out with...but probably shouldn't.

Still bored? Random MySpace profile - Erika, 25, glamorous lesbian from Bolton who really wants the guys to stop trying to convert her (hopefully this will help cheer up creepylesbo following the bad news about The Organ).


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heh, that's just the opening pic (and a reference to fleetwood mac and no new york)! underneath are the *sections*. :-)

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