Sunday, July 30, 2006


Tonight's update comes courtesy of those in charge of Britain's rail networks, as essential maintenance of some kind means the last train home from Brum to Telford is at 9.40pm, a snafu that prevents your correspondent from benefitting from the glam-electro groove supplied by Dead Disco at the Bar Academy. Which, all in all, is the biggest bummer since that bloke in the gimp mask set about Ving Rhames in Pulp Fiction. If any of you out there have seen the girls on this or any other show from the current tour and would like to supply a brief (and preferably entertaining) review for credited use on Parallax View please contact the webmaster here.

In other news, am currently tired and a particularly vile shade of pink following a trip to Manchester yesterday to see the Second Test between England and Pakistan at Old Trafford in the company of Gisbourne and the thespian/artistic director Richard Harris. Must now be considered a lucky charm for the England boys as for the second test running your trusty hack has seen them finish off the opposition in impressive style. Steve Harmison deserved his Man of the Match plaudits for taking eleven wickets in the match, and his first-day spell seemed to do the trick of putting the wind up the Pakistan batsmen, but the star of Saturday's play was Monty Panesar who took five crucial wickets and provided something usually missing from British spinners - a bit of personality, and, um, an ability to actually spin the ball. All told, it was a fine win and an excellent all-round performance from an injury-hit side - much needed too, as it's crucial we go into this winter's vital Ashes defence against bitterest rivals Australia on the back of some victorious momentum.


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