Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oh My God They Killed Kinney!

The PV pucker of death continues, as only a week after we enthused over their recent Leeds show as the best gig of the year to date Sleater-Kinney anounce they are going on 'indefinite hiatus'. Hiatus? Who do these rock stars think they are? Bloggers? Whatever, the mourning starts here.

In better news Buffalo Tom appear to have reformed, and are currently rehearsing and recording new material.

In addition, a new Thomas Pynchon book is due this winter.

Or you could take your mind off it all and inspect gadgets at I Want One Of Those!

Then chuckle over the fact that this candidate seems more qualified for the Middlesborough job than that whiney-voiced pizza-chomping penalty flop Gareth Southgate. Amusingly, judging from chairman Steve Gibson's reply, he agrees! (via The Copydesk)

Muse over great names in design, Part One...Susan Surface.

Still bored? The Spiderman-3 teaser trailer is now online.


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