Sunday, May 07, 2006

Champions League? ROFL!

Soccer seasons just don't get much better than this for Dead Kenny's beloved West Ham. The 2-1 victory was not only accomplished with no new injury worries, but at the expense of the hated enemy the Tottscum, which in turn robs them of the chance of Champions League football next term (their place being taken by North London rivals the Arse). It seems the 'scum literally didn't have the stomach for a fight, with several of their little darlings struggling with alleged food poisoning and apparently squabbling over who could get substituted first. All in all, the day could only have been bettered by that annoying little twerp Jermain Defoe drowning in a river of his own vomit in front of a baying Bobby Moore Stand, but hey, you can't have everything we guess.

Looking back at our Premiership predictions at the beginning of the season we got the top two right, but only one of the three relegated sides correct (Wigan took everybody completely by surprise and Harry Houdini's great escape at Pompey stopped us from getting two of the three relegated sides correct for fifth year in a row). Feel vindicated in our most controversial predictions, though, having been roundly chastised for suggesting Blackburn would be top half of the table (they made 6th) and that West Ham would survive the drop (we were 9th).

The FA Cup final next weekend, of course, with the Hammers facing an in-form Liverpool. Could a huge upset complete a dream season?


Anonymous arseblogger said...

Sunday was great fun!

Good luck on Saturday.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Cheers, Arsey!

We'll need a fair bit of luck, I reckon. As your guys will against Barcelona so all the best for the Champions League Final on Wednesday.

10:19 AM  

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