Monday, May 01, 2006

Blank Holiday Madness

So you might have noticed no updates since last weekend, was going to make an announcement about this to warn you, but read Twenty Major's recent post (sustained use of immoderate language makes this possibly NSFW) and decided against it.

Bank Holiday Mondays then - a good opportunity for an all-day breakfast; catching up with that saucy Chaucer chappy; reading a new Haruki Murakami short story then popping down to the shops to end up getting Broke by London's Captain, which is a rather sweet, tuneful boy/girl harmonising ballad that's like Paris Angels if they hadn't discovered drugs. That may not be the best sell in the world, but Dead Kenny likes it, and thus let the records show that it's verily Parallax View Single Of The Week.

We also have the following things to say (in no particular order) -

BoJo's back! Penman too, kind of. Meanwhile, Robyn Wilder's intermittent mitherings continue to tease and intrigue like the possible permutations of metatarsal fracture recovery times. And while we're getting blogged down in the usual interwebnet nonsense, happy 30th birthday to CreepyLesbo (possibly NSFW)! Oh, and mustn't forget to mention the newish blog of a not-so-curt Russ L who, amongst other things, goes to gigs in around Birmingham and writes about them intelligently (hope nobody expects that trend to catch on here).

A Sudden death always shocks, so cheer yourself up a little by downloading mp3s of 70s soul and funk classics at Number One Song In Heaven or by gazing at pretty pictures of classy Danish chanteuse Tina Dico.

Elsewhere, Wakefield's Piskie Sits now have their own proper website sorted out, and Camera Obscura have been slipped into the Summer Sundae schedule. CO's next single is 'Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken' which is a rather engaging rejoinder (albeit 22 years after the fact) to Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' 'Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?' and it's out in stores of varying degrees of usefulness and integrity on May 15. Hmm, I wonder if there'll be some comments added to this post in 22 years time? What do you reckon?

In other music news, Parallax View's favourite bespectacled skinny Norwegian Erlend Oye has a new project, The Whitest Boy Alive. Also back to the fray is Jon Clough, former singer/guitarist with ill-fated PV faves Medium 21, who is working under the name of Liars Lake. Blimey, even Rick Witter's on the comeback trail...

Finally, Supersonic 06 features the likes of Michael Gira and Broadcast, and hopefully this time no full city centre evacuations.

Still bored? View the trailer for the 3rd X-Men movie here.

As you were, then.



Blogger Ben said...

Aw, feeling unloved Ken? Well, here's a comment to brighten your day...

Glad you've stumbled across RussL - his blog we like. And the Supersonic line-up looks very good - just a shame that it's the same weekend as the Truck Festival Phill's keen on going to. I'm tempted by both but unable to do either because of time and money. Arses.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Russ L said...

I think you mis-spelled 'Unintelligibly' as 'intelligently.' Cheers for the plug, though.

I'm really looking forward to Final and The Bug at Supersonic, as well as being intrigued to see/hear what Michael Gira will do.

~ Russ L

1:32 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Erm, due to my zeitgeist dislocation I know nothing about Final *or* The Bug, sadly. Can you give us an idea what they're like and/or if there's any mp3s freely available?

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Russ L is your hookup, holla if you hear me said...

The Bug is J.C. Green (erstwhile of Godflesh) doing an industrial dancehall kind of lark (he has played at a Capsule gig before, but I wasn't at that one). Amazing stuff - no official website as far as I know, but there is something here.

Final is Justin Broadrick, also formerly of Godflesh and currently of Jesu and about six squillion others. Droney ambienty type of thing, with some mp3s here.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Cheers, Russ. Industrial dancehall, eh? I'll have to have a ponder about that.

Those Final mp3s are conclusive proof of the interactive joys of the comment box. Very intriguing, I'll certainly try to catch 'em at Supersonic.

10:24 AM  

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