Monday, June 05, 2006

Take It Or Leave It

The pick of this month's fluff in our internet navel.

There's a certain matter of a global soccer competition starting later this week. No kicker conspiracy here, as The Fall's Mark E Smith gives some personal advice to Sven.

There's that other thing going on this summer again, and Big Bro 7 will filter out the hot poop from the drivel dribble.

HELP ME GET RANDOM WITH LADY SOVEREIGN! Hey, d'ya reckon this idea might work with Emmy The Great?

Keep forgetting to post about this: Skatterbrain contains some quality indie mp3s of what's hot t'other side of the pond.

Ooh, look. A new David Lynch movie! Cast includes Laura Dern; Jeremy Irons and Julia Ormond on the comeback trail.

Hammered nails down the art of the West Ham blog.

Prykemeister is official blogger for the Fierce Festival.

Continuing the festival vibe Phill joins up with Dot-to-Dot.

And now for something genuinely to clean a bath from the inside.

Hmm...Great Tits.


Anonymous compost said...

I am very glad that you're gettting the news out about the bath thing - I don't want money, it's for everyone

10:24 PM  

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