Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's Only Iraq'n'Roll But I Like It, Like It, Like It

If I was a serving soldier out in the battlegrounds of Iraq, wandering lost and disillusioned amongst the heat and dust and the palpable stench of evil, at the behest of paranoid warloads ensuring the whole military-industrial machine grinds on...if I was that soldier I wouldn't be seen dead listening to anything other than 'Monster Hospital' by Metric on my headphones, in which La Haines intones 'I fought the war/but THE WAR WON!/STOP! For the love of god' over insurgent rock'n'roll guitars as the band come closest yet to capturing the raucous energy of their live shows.

The record is released in stores from tomorrow (July 24) to enable you to enjoy the full Parallax View Single Of The Week death-or-glory choonage from the comfort of your safe European homes (gas masks optional, natch).


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