Thursday, July 06, 2006

Twee Fellas

Just when we thought we were going to get through the season without finding this summer's defining hit along comes 'Young Folks' by Stockholm's Peter Bjorn and John to graze our chins with a buttercup and tell us everything's going to be OK. With a solid contribution from The Concretes' Victoria Bergsman; a whistled refrain and an accompanying cartoon video that's as cute as it is clunky, this record couldn't be more twee indie if it rode around university campus astride a retro bicycle. But be warned: even death metal fans have been known to have their credibility dissolved within seconds' exposure of Young Folks' mild-mannered melody, moments later being discovered playing hopscotch and handing out post-it notes to random strangers telling them that they love them.

Parallax View Single Of The Week, then.


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