Monday, July 24, 2006

Peter, Bjorn And Gone

We begin with some sombre news that left us feeling flatter than Beirut as Victoria Bergsman has left The Concretes to concentrate on a solo career. We know that The Concretes are a solid unit containing multiple songwriters and vocalists, but Bergsman has a unique delivery and dry stage banter that will be difficult for the Swedes to replace. It does though kinda explain Bergsman's recent diversification - as well as singing on Peter Bjorn and John's recent PV Single Of The Week 'Young Folks', she's credited with providing Camera Obscura with haircuts on their latest long-player 'Let's Get Out Of This Country'...

Simon Sweeping The Nation went to the Truck Festival at the weekend but all we've got to show for it so far is this blurry but still fantastic photo of Dead Kenny's summer crush Emmy The Great in a seriously short skirt. It has to be said we'd have had difficulty finding our focus in the circumstances, too.

In theatre news, a new Terry Johnson play is always something of an event (eg. Insignificance; Hitchcock Blonde) so book early for a limited four-week run of Piano/Forte at the Royal Court Theatre. Sopranos star Alicia Witt and Kelly (Mrs Henderson Presents) Reilly head the cast.

This year's Big Brother we can take or leave, but what is certain is that contestant Imogen Thomas's ex-squeeze is a dastardly dick for releasing a home sex video purporting to feature the purrty Welsh miss in a rarebit of graphic action. But we admit we still looked at the NOT SAFE FOR WORK evidence (purely to identify the culprit concerned, 'course). Time and motion students can download the EXTREMELY UN-WORKSAFE full video from here.

Random Reading-bashing always provides an amusing diversion.

'Night, Warden.

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Blogger Simon said...

Heh! Sorry about the focus on that one, but it's a new camera and most things in the acoustic tent took about three goes before anything approaching clarity could be achieved. Emmy was one of my highlights of the weekend, actually, and I met her later on. Er, should I go any further for your sake?

10:33 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Oh, don't worry, Simon, Dead Kenny may well be besotted with ETG but he is only too acutely aware he's at the end of a very long line of indie loserboys drooling and powerless in the palm of her fair hand.

However, if you have any video evidence of apres-gig shenanigans with the self-styled singer-songwanker, please remember that sendspace is our mutual friend.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

No such luck, but the full weekend review's up now.

11:54 PM  
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