Thursday, January 19, 2006

This Is Not An Exit

If there's anything that keeps middle-aged bachelors all warm and toasty through the winter it's the cheering thought of the sad, sterile and sexless existences suffered by our married contemporaries. We hate it therefore when we're reminded our readers are still having more sex than we are (the least they could do is to invite us round to watch, don't you think?), so it's grudging congratulations to Nadean and family on the birth of her third child this week.

Early reports indicate an emergency delivery with Nadean sprawled on the bathroom floor, legs akimbo, getting grunted encouragement from her husband. There's nothing like a bit of symmetry in life, is there? In the meantime, this thread's the best place to keep track of news on Nath AKA Stevie Nixed's impending delivery. Wish her well, folks.

In other news of more general interest, the lustrous Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley is doing a solo show at Birmingham Glee Club on Wednesday February 8. Book now to avoid disappointment, we anticipate this'll sell out by the weekend. Copies of Jenny's solo debut Rabbit Fur Coat hit the shelves on Monday, unless they're seized by the police first, of course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dead Kenny, could you please tell your loyal readers from which foreign climates you llbe posting reports from this year?

9:15 PM  
Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Well, Anonymous, so kind of you to ask!

Bamberg (where the beer is smoked and drunk) in June is virtually certain, but aside from that Dead Kenny's plans are, as ever, fluid...

10:04 PM  

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