Monday, November 28, 2005

ARS Not Arse

Another month goes by, another new favourite band emerges. And so, say hello to Au Revoir Simone, three American girls who make music like Stereolab if they'd been reared on The Carpenters and Abba rather than Krautrock. Debut album 'Verses Of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation' (out in the UK on Moshi Moshi) even has a track ('Hurricanes') which mutates halfway through into a chorus remarkably similar to 'If You Like A Lot of Chocolate On Your Biscuit, Join Our Club' but they still have enough je ne sais quoi to pull it off with a breezy swagger.

Their sophisticated pop might not be enough to get you boogying up on the dancefloor, but if you're not careful it might get you sashaying around the kitchen table swapping exotic cigarettes with each other. And if you don't trust Dead Kenny, their official site carries three tracks to download, as well as a gallery which confirms they look as delicious as they sound.


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