Monday, January 02, 2006

Parallax View New Year Message

A very Happy New Year to all Parallax View readers everywhere. Dead Kenny has consulted the runes and predicts that 2006 will be pretty much the same as 2005, only slightly more so. On Parallax View, however, there are likely to be changes that if not dramatic, are likely to be substantial. More specifically, if your genial webmaster goes to as many gigs as last year there is no way these can all be reviewed in depth without completely sacrificing any other content on these pages. What this will hopefully mean to the readership is more regular updates, but posts that will be invariably briefer, more random, slightly edgier and with an increase in the number of external links (possibly to be included in the comments boxes). At some stage soon, hopefully an RSS feed will also be sorted out to enable lazy technocrats everywhere to get their PV headline news without even clicking onto this website.

Meanwhile, out with the old and all that, so time to clear the favourites' folder. Links, prepare to be dumped -

Stereogum Readers Poll: Miss Indie Rock 2005.

Meatfilter: Vegetarian and Vegan News, Information and Discussion.

Top Ten Best/Worst Unseen Films Of 2005.

Why the long face? Vincent Schiavelli RIP.

It's twins! Again! Cronenberg's Dead Ringers to be turned into HBO mini-series.

Congratulations to Eddie Argos and Paula from The Chalets on their engagement.

Ken Russell's seminal (yes! really!) Altered States (1980) finally out on R2 DVD.

Lou Rhodes from Lamb goes solo.

Hotly-tipped Birmingham three-piece StrangeTime have a blog!

Freaky Trigger pulls New York London Paris Munich. Does this mean the terrorists won?

Top 20 Nude Scenes Of 2005 (includes pics of the likes of Kelly Brook, Rachel Weisz and Carla Gugino in states of explicit undress so NOT SAFE FOR WORK unless it's yer New Year's resolution to get the old tin tack).

Sweeping The Nation Poll of Bloggers' Polls for Best Albums of 2005. The Decemberists? Tsk. They're so last month...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame about Mr Schiavelli - great actor and so young, too.

Happy New Year, Kenny


6:00 PM  

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