Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Robyn Wilder...Revealed!

Amongst other forthcoming attractions in 2006 it seems we can all look forward to seeing much more of everyone's favourite diminutive ninja polymath than we ever imagined possible. Robyn's raised her profile amongst [pull your own silly faces here] 'the blogging community' with a personal review of 2005 which beautifully details the year she became less invisible.

Trying to push aside tired old cynicism that this lack-of-invisibility schtick will only last until it's her time to get the round in again, we're just glad those platform shoes we sent her for Xmas have made such a positive difference to her life so soon.

On an even less serious note, Dead Kenny has been suitably inspired by the concept that he plans to make 2006 the year he becomes indivisible (he's not a free man, he's a prime number etc.).

Talking of which, what's your dangerous idea?



Blogger Dead Kenny said...

Hmm. It seems the Parallax View readership have no dangerous ideas whatsoever.

How reassuring for society!

8:14 PM  

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