Saturday, April 09, 2005

Yes Way, Jose

Still working on the album reviews, hopefully will have something together by the end of the weekend. Meanwhile, thanks to Graybo; Ben and Vicky on their timely birthday wishes in the week. In today's news, Dead Kenny does not condone cruelty to animals, but he could have quite happily shot those loose-running fuckers that robbed the PV selection (Clan Royal) of victory in today's Grand National and your correspondent of fifty notes.

They're so anti-fashion The Delgados have decided to split up just as everybody else is reforming. In more positive music news, Joy Zipper have a new album 'The Heartlight Set' due for release in the UK on June 6.

Regular readers may remember a few positive mentions on PV for Swedish pop duo The Knife. One of this band's most popular tunes, album opener 'Heartbeats', has been given a fantastic cover treatment by Swedish-based Argentine Jose Gonzalez. You can download it from here as a taster for the finished article that promises to be the album Veneer (released in the UK on April 25).

And, finally, thin-skinned Guardian journo Justin Quirk throws a middle-class hissyfit about The Others. Quirk seems to be hailing a taxi for The Daily Mail: is this gratuitous Masters-baiting full of sweeping class generalisations fit to fling at the nation's pop kids? For what it's worth, Dead Kenny's considered view is that William is really something...


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