Monday, April 04, 2005

One Swallow Doesn't Make A Summer

And it's with a Lump In My Throat that Dead Kenny delivers this week's Parallax View Single Of The Week. Actually, it's becoming easy to be fearful for Northampton's The Departure, as their pole position to be crowned the undisputed British answer to Interpol is coming increasingly under threat. No longer hip enough to get playlisted by 6music, not quite so tragically unhip (cf Athlete, Feeder) to get playlisted by Radio 1, and to top it all, even their biggest fans can't be bothered enough to get up in time to watch them on TOTP Saturday.

Just as well then that Dead Kenny leaves his fickleness safely in the realms of his friendships and relationships, and far from his music colection. While it may be accurate to finger LIMT as slightly less immediate than The Departure's previous two singles (Top 30 smash 'All Mapped Out' and 'Be My Enemy'), this is a tune with the growth potential of Bird Flu. In fact, if they'd buried the vocals just a touch deeper in the mix and let the astonishing guitarwork take its natural place at the forefront it would even be a contender for Single Of The Year. The yellow 7" vinyl version (with free poster, pop kids!) is naturally the format of choice, while The Departure then follow this up with some Dirty Words, their debut album hitting the shelves on June 20.



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