Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'll Have To Be More Adventurous In Future

Happy Mothers Day once again to all you mothers out there. And congratulations to Darren LMG whose blog is now old enough to go to school and carry its own pencilcase. Also worth mentioning in the blogosphere is Ben's review of the Ruth Theodore gig at A Different Kettle Of Fish last Wednesday. The Southampton country-singer tipped by at least one person as 'the next Kathryn Williams' has 'startlingly quick hands' according to Ben, clearly a martyr to research in such matters (nice work, fella!).

Parallax View Single Of The Week goes to Krafty by New Order (cunning soon to a store near you) which is a suitably cheesy slice of electropop, best enjoyed by sharing with your mates at the back of the bus, sending the driver crackers.

And while we're in a generous mood, for dessert we have Portions For Foxes by Rilo Kiley as PV SoTW for the following week (commencing March 14). The stand-out track from 'More Adventurous' is smart, literate and sexy pop-rock, sung in an appropriately fetching manner by Jenny Lewis and is easily as contagious as bloggers taking themselves too seriously. But baby, the real bad news is that their joint gig with Conor Oberst's Bright Eyes at Wolves Civic Hall next Sunday is completely SOLD OUT. I'll be over at eBay, drinking for two.

Postcript: Tommy Vance RIP (via Graybo).


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