Sunday, February 27, 2005

Show Bis Gossip (And Other Stories)

We interrupt the ongoing slog-athon blog-athon that is the Album Review Compendium juggernaut to bring a few timely bits and pieces. First up, we don't want you getting ideas that this weekend's update frenzy is a portent for things to come, as it just happens to be the last weekend before payday and an executive decision was made to finish some outstanding online business while the opportunity was there. Stay tuned over the next few nights for the concluding installments, which include Dead Kenny's verdicts on new releases by LCD Soundsystem and The Others plus more. Hey now, steady on with the anticipation and leave those cuticles alone!

Talking of cute ickles, diminutive Ninja warrior Robyn Wilder has given herself a redesign so hot she's had to place a pic of a thermostat on the front page to save your browser from exploding. All of this achieved while coping with the usual litany of feverish symptoms as well. Dontcha just love it when the sickly are so productive: it's British stoicism in full effect. Innit? She'll be writing a bestseller next, mark our words (um, 3 out of 10 for punctuation, as usual - pedantic copy ed.).

Congratulations are due to another long-time PV supporter as Arseblogger celebrates the 3rd birthday of his Gooners blog today, which is currently enjoying more success than the football team, it has to be said.

While we're issuing out plaudits, Halle Berry may well have her knockers etc. but no-one can say she isn't a good sport. Her acceptance speech, a parody of her celebrated Monster's Bawl at the Academy Awards, earned ripples of applause from the Golden Raspberries audience.

Let's hope The Fantastic Four movie ends up better than Catwoman, otherwise things could get decidly Grimm at 20th Century Fox. While we wait to find out, get your orange rocks off watching the impressive trailer (requires Quicktime, and, possibly, a Human Torch-proof firewall). Playing Reed Richards will prove a real stretch for that Welsh actor whose name we've got no intention of attempting to spell.

One film we can vouch for though is PV's favourite film from 2004, Old Boy, which is out on Region 0 DVD with additional double-disc goodness from tomorrow (Feb 28th). Perhaps not an ideal Mother's Day gift (which is next Sunday in the UK, fact fans) what with its' live squid eating; clawhammer massacres; psychological torture; psychosexual revelations and other sundry surreal shenanigans, so treat yourself before ordering the usual flowers, chocolates, etc. for the old dear.

Further album reviews to follow, and as we are near the halfway mark on this particular feature, and as it used to be traditional for oranges to be dished out to players during soccer match intervals, we leave you with the news segment that Manda Rin and her old Bis cohorts are back and intent on creating their own Data Panik.



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