Monday, February 21, 2005

In briefs

Dead Kenny knows what you're thinking, Parallax View updates are like No.22 buses, you don't see one for ages, then when they do show up they go around in circles without ever seeming to get anywhere, and you have to wind the windows down to get rid of that faintly unpleasant smell. But listen, it was either this or reply to an email from an old schoolfriend enquiring as to what underpants yours truly was wearing. And let me tell you, Dead Kenny's leopardskin briefs are a secret between him and you readers. He can trust you all, can't he?

First up, we can breathe easily now that Willy Mason's former Parallax View Single Of The Week 'Oxygen' has filtered into the charts at No. 23. Will Low make it three hits in a row on Sunday with 'California'? While we wait to find out, Dead Kenny will be delivering his verdict on their gig last Saturday at Wolves Wulfrun Hall. Ben has already beaten him to the punch, mind, displaying once again much better memory for setlisting than your humble correspondent.

Meanwhile, the Parallax View Single Of The Week for releases week commencing February 28 is You Take My Breath Away by The Knife which has the sort of mighty pop chorus that if Louis Walsh actually knew what he was doing rather than being a slightly sinister little fellow who got lucky, he'd be separating Girls Aloud from their footballer boyfriends and frogmarching them down to the studio to record a quickfire cover version that would spend the whole of the springtime at the head of the pop summit. Or summat.

Still, we shouldn't be frittering our time talking about indie music 'cos Robyn's told us not to. And while we're being amusingly pedantic about lyrics, Dead Kenny feels due attention should be paid to Emiliana Torrini's Sunny Road as the latest single by the Nelly-Furtado-for-indie-kids contains the simply jawdropping line 'some things stay the same/my middle name's still Liz'. Erm, right.

Talking of bonkers, those magnificent Galashiels misfits Dawn Of The Replicants are readying a mini-album of mostly new material called 'Bun Magic' for tentative release on March 7 to celebrate their appearance at SXSW in Texas. In the words of the band themselves, 'if you like buns and you like magic you will love "bun magic". If you like your pop with fizz and grin - tuck in.' And at a value-for-money price of £4.99, who's Dead Kenny to argue? Buy it, or we'll force-feed you Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps.

And we're certainly not arguing with West Ham winning games 5-0, so congratulations to I-Beg-Your-Alan-Pardew-I-Never-Promised-You-a-Automatic-Promotion-Place and his Claret and Blue Army for an efficient demolition job on relegation-threatened Plymouth Argyle. To celebrate such a thumping win I was expecting to see West Ham Lass's Not-Remotely-Safe-For-Work fallopian tubes quite frankly, but for now her lips are sealed.

And, finally, snowballing footballers! And for once, dear readers, we're not referring to the alcoholic drink. Dead Kenny does wonder though, whether the German ref was tempted to bet on the outcome?

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