Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's A Wind-Up

World! The time has come to -

...wave goodbye to Rodney Marsh's lucrative punditry career following his dismissal by Sky Sports for an on-air 'tsunami' joke during a live phone-in show. With all due respect to the feelings of anyone who lost loved ones during the recent disaster, this decision seems a bit 'over the top' to me. Phill's thorough review of the NME Carling Tour at Birmingham Academy. Bloc Party were all white on the night, but Phill loses a few bonus points for letting his sense of perspective go to the dogs by describing The Futureheads' cover of 'The Hounds Of Love' as 'genius'. I'll be explaining in great detail why this is the most over-rated cover version of all time...unless I find something more interesting to write about in the meantime.

...look forward to 80s pop minx Debbie Gibson shaking her love all over the March 2005 edition of Playboy magazine (via

...peruse the Academy Award nominations, notice that Nicole Kidman has been snubbed for her fine central performance in 'Birth' and wonder whether or not it was something she said?

...welcome back a much-kneaded blogger who is breaking bread with the Farringdon fine art set with the usual hilarious consequences. Crumbling Loaf ain't no mouldy old dough.

...reflect on our favourite bit of washed-up film reviewing in some time, namely Daniel R's withering criticism over at metacritics that in Scorcese's The Aviator 'the episodes depicting [Howard Hughes'] obsessive compulsive disorder got repetitive'. Time to throw in the towel, Danny boy.



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