Thursday, December 30, 2004

How Was It For You?

Currently trying to reassemble the various components of my brain following a heavy drinking session watching the very poor game between Newcastle and Arsenal last night. I can only just about remember my name (Dead Kenny, right?) let alone navigate the Blogger interface. But in celebration of me regaining my broadband connection, and to reward my readership for browsing in this direction when they really ought to be attending to more pressing matters such as family responsibilities or work commitments, here's another list for your delectation. Now before you start groaning, this one you might actually find useful, as it's The Top 20 Nude Scenes of 2004 (with pictures, so NSFW). First-timers like Neve Campbell and Claire Danes rub shoulders with the usual suspects (Angelina Jolie, Ludivine Sagnier) plus hardcore contributions from Chloe Sevigny and Juliette Lewis pushing the, um, envelope, further.

On a related theme and slightly safer for work (unless your boss gets steamed up over doity words), Lindsay has been collating reader suggestions for porn titles of 2004 movies. I could tell you that my suggestions she didn't print were funnier than those she did, but frankly, I'd be lying. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind seems to have won the award for most ubiquitous film title for porn-name doppleganger: someone, somewhere, must be feeling very proud.

Oh, and Susan Sontag RIP. Law and Order actor Jerry Orbach, too. They were 71 and 69 respectively. The christmas celebrity culling fields continue apace.


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