Saturday, December 25, 2004

Parallax View Xmas Message

A merry Xmas to all PV readers who made it to the sanctity of their computers to escape the hell of other people that is the holiday season. Due to work commitments up to and including Christmas Eve I haven't had the opportunity this year to send individual emails of goodwill to my online friends and colleagues for which I'm very sorry. Whaddaya mean, you hadn't noticed? Cuh.

Anyway. Thanks need to go to Sapientum (ComputerActive magazine's best blog of 2004, no less) who as my proxy online santa had the melissa forethought to buy me the Auf Der Mar CD. And it's true, there really isn't enough pervy pop-metal in my life.

So that was Xmas then, and what did we do? Well, hopefully like Dead Kenny you took time out to consider the true meaning and implications of the festive period and came to the firm conclusion that that Harry Potter movie was much better than expected. Bit scary for the nippers, though, especially that bit with the unicorn bloodsucking in the forest. The other highlight of today's telly was Kylie doing a medley of her early classic hits like Better The Devil You Know; What Do I Have To Do? and Shocked on Top Of The Pops. And I still maintain to this very day that on that latter song Kylie does indeed sing that 'I was fucked to my very foundations' and not, as the lyrics suggest, rocked.

And, of course, there was The Simpsons Christmas Message, in which Homer asked the pertinent question 'what's the bloody deal with Boxing Day?' Tomorrow, no doubt, we shall find out.


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