Monday, December 20, 2004

Devendra vs Devendra

Hell no, I haven't sorted out my Top 40 Albums Of The Year just yet, in fact at this present moment in time I can't decide in which order to put the two Devendra Banhart albums, let alone the rest of the year's output. Still, those pesky professionals know how to fudge the issue (when time=money, there's always a shortcut, right?), witness Mojo magazine simply lumping the records together and pretending they're a double in their own Top 40 Albums Of The Year. Chickens! Another possible solution is just to miss both of 'em out altogether, a policy favoured by Phill's Not Definitive Top 30 Albums Of The Year. There's no Keane on there, which is why Phill links to this self-proclaimed weekly bucketful of phlegm and sputum. Hmm. That sounds like a website produced by a Kings Of Leon lyric generator...

Meanwhile, Ben is limbering up for his annual listlust with a selection for Top 10 Gigs Of The Year. The Fiery Furnaces feature, so this list gets the PV stamp of approval. Also getting a mention is P J Harvey, and it's as well that Ben made the most of her gigs in 2004 as she announced at the weekend that she's giving up playing live for good. Most people's reaction to this has been of cynicism, and they're probably right to be sceptical, but then I never believed that Kate Bush would never tour again after 1979 and, Christ get on your bike, we're still waiting for The Second Coming (as long as it's better than the Stone Roses album of the same name).

In further fin-de-siecle news, The B52s' Love Shack has burnt down. But hey! cheer up! Series 2 of The OC will see Mischa Barton locking fishlips with a lesbian love interest, played by Olivia Wilde. Skinny lesbians are the hardy-perennials of the popculture scene: they never go out of fashion. Well, unless they're Anne Heche.

Maybe 2005 will be the year in which pop-troubadour-of-the-genius-variety Brendan Benson gets his just rewards. Judge for yourself by downloading an mp3 of his new single. (via Large Hearted Boy)

Indie Rock Has A Rich Tapestry, Too: Former Rote Kapelle singer Margarita Vazquez Ponte has developed a career as modern artist earning herself a nomination for this year's Beck's Futures Award into the bargain.

And, finally...the BBC's new 'notes and corrections' feature on its website could provide some ongoing amusement if these two hurried disclaimers are a decent measure: William Not First Surfing Dude and the reassuring revelation that the new Volvo 'ladies' car' does not in fact have an extra mirror to help women drivers apply lipstick. (via The Copydesk).



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