Friday, December 10, 2004

Notes and Corrections

My apologies to those death-metal fans amongst my readership who may have noticed in this morning's bulletin (since corrected) that I overestimated the length of time since Pantera's split by several years. My fact checker has, of course, been summarily dismissed and will not now be getting that Girls Aloud album I promised him for Xmas.

Meanwhile, time to adjust your bookmarks for two pretty darned essential music websites which have had the temerity to change URLs during my slovenly updating period - namely Information Leafblower and the mp3tastic Fluxblog.

New (well, ish) and noted: Expecting To Fly, proving that not all Tottscum are tossers.

Some more best-of-2004 lists, courtesy of the writers at The Onion AV Club who provide some typically thoughtful assessments of the year's best output.

Ben reviews The Futureheads/Maximo Park double-header at Birmingham Academy earlier this week heralding a new 'North-Eastern Alliance'. The precise appeal of The Futureheads continues to prove elusive to your humble correspondent, I'm afraid. Perhaps it's the way they start off their version of Kate Bush's 'The Hounds Of Love' with a brisk and cheery 'ha'way, pets!' that finally did it for me. Bring back The Kane Gang, all is forgiven.

But, saving the best 'til last, fantastic news in this week that Britain's Best Pop Band Ever (TM), the fabulous Ladytron have signed to Island Records, and their long-awaited as-yet-untitled third album proper should be released in March 2005.



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