Monday, December 27, 2004

Extra! Extra! Read All About It

There are some single releases this week, but given that it'll take pitifully few sales to chart, what Parallax View says to these artists is this: shoo away now and don't act so desperate in future! Which is the cleaned-up version of what many barmaids have been telling Dead Kenny for years.

And so, we need to look a little bit further in the future to find our Single Of The Week. Fast forward then to January 24, when Birmingham-based four-piece Editors spit out the heavily-tipped 'Bullets' for their debut release.

Their publicity people say: 'Editors exist to challenge perceptions and preconceptions, hence the name. Taking the fractured hopes that are the mainstay of life in the modern world as a starting point, the band’s songs tread a line between the some time futility of life and the constant possibility of redemption and better times.'

Parallax View says: 'Editors clearly know good copy when they see it, hence the name. Taking the clanging guitars; rumbling bass and terse-vocals-that-speed-up-at-moments-of-critical-tension of Interpol as a starting point, the band's song treads a fine line between plagiarism and inspiration. If they can display a bit more of their own personality in time for the release of their debut album, there's a strong possibility of redemption and better times ahead.'

So yes, it's derivative, but with no fresh material from Carlos D & Co. expected in 2005, this should keep indie-disco people decadently flicking their assymetrical haircuts in time to the persistent hookline until something more original comes along. Parallax View Single Of The Week, then.

Meanwhile, Dresden Dolls drop in for tea and biscuits on Tom Robinson's Evening Sequence tonight on 6Music. Show starts at 7pm UK time.

STOP PRESS: Jumpin' J Jonah Jamieson! Stub out that stogie and get a load of this! Editors to play hometown gig Friday 28th January at Birmingham Flapper & Firkin!

[You're fired-Ed.]



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