Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Parallax View Single Of The Week

Still smarting from the weekend when much to Graybo's evident delight, last week's PV SOTW, Interpol's 'Evil' came of age at No.18 in the UK Top 40, one place behind some novelty pap promoting a certain minority interest (Brighton and Hove Albion's, um, right, to have a brand spanking new football ground). Pah! That's all-conquering stadium rock for you.

This week's selection actually came out last week as well, but as it's only available in alternative record shops and I am a citizen of Conformity, I had to wait to receive my copy from an online order via Amazon marketplace. So step forward Le Tigre, whose TKO has its rivals against the ropes with a mighty combination punch of Eat To The Beat-era Blondie and singer Kathleen Hanna's Riot Grrl roots. Parallax View says: now that's what we call a killer pop chorus, Girls Aloud. And the good folk from Reflex, they say: 'excellent choice!'

Between us, we knows our shit.


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