Friday, December 31, 2004

List Dump

Upped my fibre intake this morning, so with a fair wind and a rush and a push should be able to squeeze the last of my 2004 lists out this side of 2005. Be still, your grateful hearts.

So here we are with my favourite books that were printed in hardcover or paperback in Britain for the first time in 2004. Almost all of the books have been reviewed at more length in Parallax View over the last 12 months, so please feel free to use the search button on the sidebar menu. Alternatively, all should be stocked over at Amazon. The only one I haven't had time to properly review yet is the Dylan autobiography, which should be remedied (hopefully) at the weekend with another Book Review Compendium (which will also include my views on a couple more Nicholas Royle books and TC Boyle's Drop City, amongst others). I've upped the number of books in my selection from 10 to 12 this year, a booker's dozen, then, if you will -

1. THE FILTH by Grant Morrison
2. Chronicles (Volume One) by Bob Dylan
3. Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre
4. Girls by Nic Kelman
5. Antwerp by Nicholas Royle
6. Glyph by Perceval Everett
7. The Flood by Maggie Gee
8. PopCo by Scarlett Thomas
9. Brass by Helen Walsh
10. Notes From A Scandal by Zoe Heller
11. Tamburlaine Must Die! by Louise Welsh
12. Boy A by Jonathan Trigell

Interestingly, the two worst new books I read this year - Robert Stone's Bay Of Souls and Douglas Coupland's Eleanor Rigby - made it onto Uncut's Top 10 list. It makes you wonder whether their writers ever read anything other than stuff by their pet authors. Unless it's me that's wrong. No no, that's clearly unthinkable, forgive my temporary aberration. Normal autocratic service will resume in 2005, unless it doesn't (NYE is always a life-in-hands scenario at the PV homestead).

In the meantime, what larks! more lists! starting with the results of the final John Peel Festive 50 with The Fall on top, which seems just about right, to be fair. And someone's come up with the worst 11 songs from 2004 (via nath, includes slightly NSFW animated gif, so click with caution, officeboys and girls). Much more stuff like that and Adam Clayton will go missing again, so keep it up!

And, finally, Artie Shaw RIP. The big-band legend, who was married eight times (including to Ava Gardner and Lana Turner), was 94. Respect due, as Artie Shaw knew how to live.


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