Saturday, March 19, 2005

Kloot Suits

Before you start blathering on about lack of updates, let me explain: I've been ill, coughing so much that I've bruised a couple of ribs. There's no need, however, tempting as it may be for those of you with Rogue-like skills of empathy, to feel in any way sorry for me, as if it hadn't been for this malady I'd have taken myself off to see West Ham play Leicester this afternoon. I know, you're not following me, which is just as well as I've since found out they bloody well played last night! That's blimmin' Sky Sports programmers for you, fiddling with fixtures in the night like tooth fairies, albeit richer, more sinister and less fragrant ones. Possibly.

Still, with the weekend's customary disappointment over with already, things can only start looking up from here, right? Fortune may also be favouring Mancunians I Am Kloot, whose new single, Over Your Shoulder (in stores from Monday 21st) gets the Parallax View Single Of The Week (as well as the Rear View Single Of The Week, obviously). It's essentially a folk song, but with its' louche rumble of guitars and edgy paranoia it's one suitably imbued with the spirit of rock 'n' roll.

Bizarrely enough, there are some sceptical folk who wouldn't take Dead Kenny's word on these matters, so perhaps these cloth-eared Luddites might be persuaded by the fact that at SXSW keynote speaker Robert Plant (ask yer mulletted uncle) had his lemon so sufficiently squeezed by an I Am Kloot show that he's offered them the support slot for his showcase performance in a moment of Remington-razor-like big-hearted epiphany. A case of Victor Kiam Kloot, then?

Talking of SXSW, Steve Lamacq's show from Austin, TX last night on 6Music (look for audio link on right hand sidebar of the site) featured those delightful Duke Spirit people live in the studio, as well as an interview with Stephen Malkmus and an 'exclusive' play of the ex-Pavement frontman's new single. Pretty much required listening, then.

And, finally, it's a case of not-so-Wreckless Eric as Knobtweakers is an mp3 blog offering free and completely legal electronic music tracks for download. Goodies available include a collaboration between Orbital and former Cocteau Twin Liz Fraser. (link via Large Hearted Boy)


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