Monday, April 04, 2005

Just My Inbetweeners

The much trumpeted second and third parts of the latest Album Review Compendium will be with you by the weekend at the latest. In the meantime, here's a quick furtive dip in the murky waters of Other Shit That Happens.

Like the Pope dying, for example. Genuinely irreplaceable, that's what Dead Kenny says. Erm, except that strictly speaking he isn't. But then that's the mysteries of the Catholic religion for you (could be a bestseller in it, you know). Still, the old-waver's succumbing to septic shock has at least delayed the Election and the Royal Wedding by another day, which is a blessed relief for everybody, Dead Kenny should think.

Talking of crumbling loafers and the General Election, a certain blogger has returned to the fray with a new campaign trail. Should be subversive, mischievous fun while it lasts.

Dead Kenny has never been overly keen on the blogging trend to publish Winamp-generated playlists and the like to indicate what the online journo is listening to in the background while frantically trying to gain favours with fully-paid hacks: the combination of self-indulgence and laziness seems so utterly self-defeating. Parallax View is much more in favour of the Troubled-Diva approach, a weekly Top 40 of his personal fave tracks du jour, complete with new entries; high climbers and a running in-depth commentary. This is a staggering work of monumental folly. Well done, sir! But Dead Kenny tempers this approval with a minor rebuke as it's surely taking the Mike to suggest we 'heard it' at T-D 'first' about 'Long Blonde' as he surely means The Long Blondes whom Parallax View were posting about simply months ago?! So keep it PV for the prescient pop poop, or just...keep it, quite frankly.

Speaking of navel-gazing pop pap people are already preparing their best-of lists of albums from 2005. These people are, of course, totally bonkers, but Dead Kenny would still clasp them to his Meat Loaf man-bosoms if it wasn't for the fact that the only records they seem to listen to are the ones they point out to each other on Soulseek. It all really takes me back to the murky days of the sixth-form common room when my peers' musical tastes only varied in terms of the order they put Pink Floyd, Genesis and Led Zeppelin in their 1, 2, 3. Courage and convictions, it's not just lacking in politicians these days, you know. But maybe I'm just piqued that I haven't heard the new Electrelane album yet ('Axes' is set to grind on May 9). Meanwhile, with snow forecast for the weekend, perhaps it's time to explore The Icicles, who deliver stalag-mighty glacial pop for people upset about the Cocteau Twins not reforming.

Heh, this is the stuff of Ian McEwan's and Justin Cartwright's nightmares: short people have more reason to live than Randy Newman believed (link via The Whole Wide World Of Fat Buddha).

Talking of pocket-sized perfection, Shiny Shiny is a girl's guide to gadgets, not all of which are supplied with batteries. Expect to see the karaoke muzzle used to sinister and murderous purposes in a Korean snuff film before the year is out.

And, finally, Dead Kenny is set to begin the early stages of his terminal decline ( I know: again! and resurrection is so last week), as he turns 41 tomorrow (no need to congratulate him...oh go on then, if you must). Signs of senility are already creeping in with the growing fascination with his bowel movements and an unhealthy interest in BBC newsreaders. Talking of which Miss Kaplinsky makes for exceedingly good fakes (NOT SAFE FOR WORK).


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