Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Problem Is You're In Love With Someone Else. It Should Be Me. It Should. BE. ME!

First up, congratulations are due to The Departure whose Parallax View Single Of The Week 'Lump In My Throat' scraped into the Top 30 at the weekend, which is pretty good going given the distinct lack of media hype and radio airplay afforded to it.

There were a few possibilities for Single Of The Week for this week (w/c April 11). Dead Kenny flirted clumsily with the idea of nominating 1, 2 Step by Ciara (feat. Missy Elliot) as it's been a while since he got behind an r'n'b track and this song's combination of breathy female singing over ambient electronic bleeping sounds like the stepdaughter of Aaliyah's final album all grown up and dirty. This week also sees Interpol re-exploring last year's 'Antics' by releasing C'Mere backed with a smorgasbord of album track remixes, but it feels a bit lame picking something most of you will be familiar with by now. Also overlooked the brilliant King Of The Rodeo by Kings Of Leon off 'Aha Shake Heartbreak' for exactly the same reason.

All the better, then, to get behind a band that are causing a fair few ripples on the live circuit, the topically-monikered Vatican DC whose four-track ep We Carnival* is a brave stab at translating the neo-punk outfit's live shouty power into recorded form. The standout tracks are first and last ('Smiling Dogs' and the girlfriend-baiting of 'Anti-Social') and this is a record best played LOUD and OFTEN (the ASBO will be worth it, Dead Kenny assures you).

Meanwhile, if you fancy doing some advance bayern, Editors release their second single Munich on April 18th, and therefore huge fan Vicky would never forgive me if I didn't make it PV SOTW for next week. The song starts off with brutal swathes of guitar and never lets up from there, Dead Kenny's only reservation being the band's own insistence that the record is more 'dancefloor' than their fine debut 'Bullets'. This just makes it sound like they've been brainwashed by their record company's marketing team already: we'll be the ones to tell you if you we like to dance to it, lads, OK?

*technically speaking was out last week, but stumbled upon it in a record store in Worcester (don't ask) on Monday: Dead Kenny's website, Dead Kenny rules!

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