Friday, September 17, 2004

Squat Thrusts

Linking detritus for clean jerks everywhere. Worth the weight, I'm sure you'll agree.

So Johnny Ramone is dead, having lost his battle with cancer. Although, with goons like Eddie Vedder (truly the Ernie Wise of the gothrock scene) and Pete Yorn reputedly hanging around his bedside, suicide cannot be out of the question.

PJ Harvey to appear on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross tonight. Wonder if she'll mention her apparent desire to quit the music biz so she can read some books.

Some nice b&w pictures of those fine Fiery Furnaces folk from some London shows earlier this year.

ACDShe - 'the first ever ALL-GIRL AC/DC tribute band'.

Details of the London Film Festival have been announced. Films screened include latest efforts from Todd Solondz and Lukas Moodysson, an intriguing collaboration between veteran director Carlos Saura and brilliant novelist Ray Loriga and a NFT interview with Reese Witherspoon (we love her pubs). Online booking available from October 7th.

The Independent interview Anthony Roman from Radio 4 - "I'd never go to a party and start telling people what I think. It all comes out in my lyrics."

[diversion] Dialogue between Scarlett Thomas and the slightly perplexed Soviet translator of her novel Going Out.

NMEwriter fan fiction website (possibly NSFW). Good to see the cloth-eared Kasabian-bothering loons have their uses.

Slap Dee Barnes is back, giving his slightly torquoise views on, amongst other things, the new Destiny's Child record.

And, finally, in news to cheer up everyone apart from Spurs fans, the Tottscum's latest signing from West Ham, Michael Carrick, is crocked even before making his debut. MC has sprained his ankle and contracted tendonitis in his knees, just going to show he's already got to grips with what it really means to be a White Hart Lamer. Best 3.5 million pounds ever, I reckon.


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