Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Help Yourself

Dead Kenny finding himself surprisingly busy at the moment, so feel free to think up your own moderately amusing/smutty/rambling/immature remarks to these links as appropriate -

David Cronenberg to feature in documentary film on film-makers which is directed by Pulp Fiction actress Maria de Medeiros.

Acclaimed author Jim Crace to make an appearance at the Orange Book Festival in Birmingham on October 20.

DM Thomas laments the trials and tribulations of trying to get his book The White Hotel filmed over a 20-year period. David Lynch and the late Dennis Potter were both potential collaborators at one point. I read the book when it first came out, and I'm not convinced there's a good film in it, maybe Thomas should have spent less time sweating it over the movie and more time writing better follow-ups.

Production details for the TV adaptation of Sarah Waters' 'Fingersmith'.

The OC returned to British terrestrial screens at the weekend. Apparently, on-set hot Mischa Barton is being frozen out by jealous co-stars (via whatevs.org).

Meanwhile, Trix author Stephanie Theobald has another US drama on her mind and interviews Jennifer Beals about The L Word and is intrigued by the nervous flutter in Beals' voice when she does so.

A fellow West Ham sufferer has joined the blogging ranks. Has It Really Got To This? details his nascent career in journalism, his love/hate relationship with Teddy Sheringham and his Seth-Coen like devotion to Death Cab.

Not confessional enough for you? Will this New York Escort Girl (dubious safety for work) fill that need? The most shocking thing for me so far, though, was that in America you can buy a caviar omelette for $1,000 (and she has a friend who considered having one). [Make up your own eggs-travagant pun here]

And finally, you have bought your copy of Blueberry Boat by The Fiery Furnaces (out in UK stores as of Monday), haven't you? 'Cos I'll be asking questions later!

[newsflash] Franz Ferdinand win The Mercury Music Prize. Not so sure about the eyeliner, though, boys.


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