Thursday, December 25, 2003

The Third Annual Parallax View Christmas message

Parallax View would like to take this brief opportunity to wish peace and goodwill to all its readers. I'd also like to thank Rebecca Jean for being my Secret Santa this year, having the good taste to choose Underachievers, Please Try Harder! by Camera Obscura from my wishlist. It made for very pleasant, tuneful listening this mild Christmas morning.

It looks set to be a relatively uneventful festive period for Dead Kenny this year, but then I think I said that last year before things took an unexpected turn, so who knows what's round the corner? 2003 provided a challenging and dramatic year, with harsh lessons learnt the hard way, while 2004 will see Dead Kenny turn 40 in the spring and Parallax View turn three next month.

PV is now one of the longest-standing blogs in the UK that hasn't taken any meaningful 'hiatus' (hell, it hasn't even been redesigned). Don't worry, though, I'm not about to throw a Troubled Diva and flounce off with a dissertation of a farewell speech. It's clear that some have used blogging as a means to an end, be that getting a paid job writing; a book published; getting a successful relationship going, or simply emulating their blogging idol. As with everything in my life, I haven't been working to a masterplan. I write what I write because I enjoy doing so: I don't see a problem in running a blog alongside a successful relationship or challenging job.

There doesn't have to be daily or meaningful posts; it's not imperative to spam people's comment boxes; you don't have to check your inbox and referral stats each day to ensure you reciprocate links and are seen to be 'playing the game'. There are those within the blogging village (curtain-twitchers, man and dog) who seem set on establishing rules, protocol, morality on all its inhabitants. There are even questions being asked about the veracity of certain weblog content - soon you'll need to have an ID card to run a blog, it would seem.

It's time for a bit of anarchism and speaking your mind and fucking the false bonhomie that is turning the community into bland, self-serving talking shops. There'll be a business decision that will need making come the spring when the web hosting here is up for renewal, but until then Parallax View still has a job to do, even if is to act as that bit of snot at the back of your throat you can never quite hack up. Dead Kenny then, catarrh hero.

So enjoy your turkey (or vegetable protein substitute). The stuffing will surely follow.


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