Monday, December 15, 2003

You And Whose 7 Nation Army?

According to this first-hand report (via there was a bigger than usual rumble in the Motor City at the weekend as Jack White seemingly swapped his trademark red-and-white for a bit of black-and-blue with Jason Von Bondie. Jack is alleged to have pulled JVB to the floor and pummelled him for minutes, until the intervention of several others pulled the pair apart. The squalid squabble (following months of rumours of bad blood between the two figureheads of the burgeoning Detroit scene) left Von Bondie Carrie Smith splattered in blood (a blood-splattered Carrie, no change there then), Brendan Benson too distraught to continue on stage while Meg, bless 'er, 'sat on a speaker sipping a cocktail throughout the incident, and its aftermath.'

Meanwhile, according to a leaked document referenced by yesterday's Sunday Times, reclusive singer/songwriter Kate Bush is up for consideration for this year's New Year's honours list. Given that the big-haired belter hasn't released a new record for just over ten years now, presumably she's not being rewarded for, um, services to industry.

You've been gagging for it, so how could I resist serving up another portion of Pynchon in the latest episode of Mason and Dixon Watch. And watch is the operative word because it is a timepiece which is at the centre of perpetual motion in the pages 312-323. Dixon reveals to Mason that he has in his possession a watch which never needs winding, which was given to him by the self-styled wizard Emerson on the condition he took it with him at all times. Mason is extremely sceptical about the watch, and Dixon becomes increasingly irritated with it himself, and then a surveyor named RC tries to wind him up by swallowing the said timepiece. However, RC becomes unable to pass or regurgitate the watch, and gets really ticked off about this constant reminder of his mortality, as well as the fact that his wife now refuses to share his bed because he tocks too much in his sleep.

And the moral of this story? Even if you're hungry, never be so greedy as to ask for seconds. More Mason and Dixon Watch later in the week, as time allows.


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