Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Never Trust A Beautiful Woman. Particularly When She's Interested in YOU.

Or so says Magneto in X-Men 2 and let's face it, after polishing his helmet for so many years, he should know. One of the benefits of not being tempted to wander into a cinema between the months of May and August is that you've got plenty of DVDs to catch up on in the winter months when you can settle down in the comfort of your own home with a mug of hot tea and three jaffa cakes (note: not two, or four, as 3 is the magic number for taking the chocolate-y orange-y biscuit).

X-Men 2 must have been good as I sat through the two hour plus duration without a break for ablutions or lubrication, and indeed it masters the trick of keeping the action going while still developing the characters in a satisfactory fashion more than any other blockbuster I've seen this year. As many of you will already have seen it I won't give a full review, but I was pretty impressed with the 'new' character, Nightcrawler, despite my normal aversion to Cumming. Nightcrawler's 'real name' is Kurt Wagner, but fortunately we weren't treated to his rendition of 'Up With People', though maybe that's one of the extras on the special edition. Minor gripes: they still seem to be struggling to find something for Halle Berry to do as Storm other than looking cute and winsome in her albino wig; Cyclops (one of the more interesting characters in the comicbook) is reduced for the most part to a mere visory capacity, and Iceman starts off promisingly but gets frozen out of the tense final third.

My favourite X-Man from the comic, blue furry freak The Beast, doesn't get a look-in despite rumours to the contrary, although there is a quick glimpse of a character called Hank McCoy on a TV playing in a bar, whether this is just a throwaway visual joke or a portent for things to come in the third movie, we will have to wait until 2006 to find out. X-Men 3 could well also feature the rise of a certain Phoenix while I'll personally be hoping that voluminous villain The Blob will be putting in a periodic appearance.


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