Sunday, December 14, 2003

Truly, The Unkindest Cut Of All

OK, so by now, the world and his camel knows that Saddam Hussein has been captured alive over the weekend. Early reports indicated that the deposed Iraqi dictator had been found in a cave wearing a 'fake beard'. Which led me to thinking: the guy had been in hiding for several months, couldn't he just as easily as grown a beard of his own during that time? So, Mr. Hussein then, expect him to be tried at a military showtrial sometime soon. On charges of being, well, a bit of a girl really.

But then, later on, things seemed to have quietened down a bit on the 'fake beard' front, with the BBC even referencing to the beard being shaven off following a medical examination. So were the cat's whiskers real? And if so, was the suggestion of fakery some additional cutthroat propoganda - not only did we find him hiding like a rat, ladies and gentleman, but the wuss couldn't even cultivate his own facial foliage? Anyone with any buzz on the fuzz please contact Parallax View through the normal methods.


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