Monday, December 22, 2003

Anti Climax

She's kept her own counsel for the past few days but Belle de Jour finally strikes back after having her inbox jammed with an apparent backlash from winning that dang Guardian weblog prize, which has really put the pussy amongst the feathers. I've personally not seen much of this, but it sounds a shame that a culture that is supposed to foster acceptance and broad-minded attitudes is proving a breeding-ground for prejudice. I also just think it's a bit sad that people are taking the competition so seriously. Luckily, Belle doesn't seem to -

'For the waves this is making, you would have thought I screwed Bruce Sterling to secure the prize.

He so wishes.'

Fwiw, I suppose it's true my own congratulations were a little flippant to Belle last week (I like to keep a fairly consistent tone of not taking media circuses too seriously) so let me make this clear: I think, all moral considerations aside, Belle de Jour is one of the best-written weblogs currently in circulation, and a much more deserving winner than I anticipated, so I hope she puts those Jimmy Choos to good use. And even taking moral issues into consideration, weren't the oldest professionals in the world the great-great-great-etc-grandmothers of the capitalist society we regularly go to war to defend?

And no, you cynics, I'm not after a freebie. Shame on you for thinkin' such a thing.


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