Monday, December 15, 2003

Heather Hunter: Ladies and Gentleman, We Got HerHeather Hunted

For those ladies and gentlemen out there with the consummate good taste to investigate the latest Missy Elliott album This Is Not A Test, one question may be bugging you from the intro to the good-vibes tunage of 'Toyz'. Namely, who is Heather Hunter and why would she need 10 megablasters (NSFW)? Although, Parallax View is much too innocent to know of these things first hand, intrepid research has revealed that Heather Hunter is a porn star (NSFW, no kiddin') who made her very first blue movie on the day of her 18th birthday. Insert your own coming-of-age joke here.

Finally tonight, it appears that Parallax View is the 41st site of choice for those exploring the web for dicky doctor fucking nurse. Mother will be so proud. Right then, consider yourselves discharged.


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