Tuesday, December 16, 2003

St. James Infirmary Blues

These are the photos that purport to show the damage inflicted on Jason Von Bondie after an alleged assault from Jack White (as reported here yesterday). It seems that Jack is indeed the hardest button in the Detroit music box, but we hope he didn't use his hand with the 'poorly finger'. Police have yet to decide whether or not they're going to press charges over the incident. Hopefully JW will be slightly cheered by 'Elephant' getting Best album of 2003 in the end-of-year poll over at NME. There's no major surprises in a fairly conservative list, the nearest they come to going out on a limb is propping up Elbow's 'Cast Of Thousands' at #4. Selective listening seems to have enabled them to present an argument that dance music is dead: the Bubba Sparxx and Missy Elliott albums are the most glaring and inexcusable omissions.

Bubba and Missy do however get a look-in over at The Observer's Top 20 list along with a first-sighting of Madonna's cruelly under-rated 'American Life' in a best-of poll. With such good (if idiosyncratic) taste, I can almost excuse them for putting Blur's 'Think Tank' at #1. Pseuds you, sirs! And, erm, madams.

Parallax View will of course be delivering it's own bitter, twisted, wildly subjective list of the best singles and albums of the year all in good time. In fact, towards the end of the year! I know, radical. But to keep your whistles (and other blowing instruments) wet in the meantime, I do feel ready to deliver my best books of the year, selected from those I've read that were released either in hardback or paperback for the first time in the UK this year. No places for Palahniuk or Coupland, either.

1. Going Out - Scarlett Thomas
2. Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
3. Platform - Michel Houellebecq
4. Jennifer Government - Max Barry
5. Tokyo Doesn't Love Us Anymore - Ray Loriga
6. Rumours Of A Hurricane - Tim Lott
7. Brick Lane - Monica Ali
8. The Cutting Room - Louise Welch
9. The Good Doctor - Damon Galgut
10.Pattern Recognition - William Gibson

Dead Kenny is scheduled to be soused in alcohol until Sunday. I'm not ruling out any updates in the meantime, but just don't expect any of them to make any sense whatsoever. The more things change, huh?


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