Monday, December 22, 2003

Fundamentally Boring Axes Being Ground

Despite my conviction that twenty and thirty-somethings who have turned their back on rock music and embraced Pop Music with religious zeal are the Worst Sort Of Music Snobs Ever, I'm still going to point you in the direction of the Ninth Freaky Trigger Pop Music Focus Group results which deliver their verdicts on some of the autumn's key record releases, because at least they have a point of view and some of them can write infuriatingly well when they put their minds to it.

Some of them, mind, just write infuriatingly. And because I'm fundamentally a nasty piece of work who enjoys picking on people, I'm going to single out correspondent MP for this particularly sniffy contribution to the debate on 'House Of Jealous Lovers' - 'it's still quite good though, especially when you consider that they're working from such a fundamentally boring axis as the guitar-bass-drums one' [my italicising].

Perhaps MP should be de-selected and outposted to Pseud's Corner, where he can listen to a constant loop of fundamentally boring beatbox rhythms interspersed with 'cameo' appearances by the likes of Sean Paul, Kelis and Jay-Z . But then, when you look at the 'surprise' selection for the focus group #1, it appears all the fundamentally boring axis of guitar-bass-drums needed for a bit of appreciation was a comedy catsuit and a falsetto higher than Timberlake's. I'm sure it will make up for The Darkness' sad, desperate attempt at a Christmas Numero Uno getting beat by a miserablist cover of a Tears for Fears song. Respect, for once, to the British Record Buying Public.


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